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May 20 2007

Brettschneider Seminar Brings Together PhD students from ILR and Warwick

Sophie Gamwell, Warwick Business SchoolDoctoral students from Cornell's ILR School and Warwick Business School (U.K.) came together for a first ever joint seminar, hosted by ILR International Programs and made possible with funding from the Brettschneider Warwick Exchange Fund. The seminar is the latest initiative in the developing relationship between Cornell's ILR School and WBS's Industrial Relations Research Unit.

For the three Warwick students, Sophie Gamwell, Annette Hayden and Aristea Koukiadaki, participation in the Brettschneider seminar was a highly valuable and enjoyable experience. The students commented that:

“The seminar gave us the opportunity to present our work to a highly specialist audience in the field of IR in an extremely supportive environment. Hence, we were not only able to gain experience in presenting our work in a conference style setting but also to receive insightful and constructive guidance on how we might improve on significant aspects of our work such as research structure and direction and the use of literature sources.

It also gave us considerable exposure to IR research interests and activity being undertaken by doctoral students at Cornell, giving us all the opportunity to think about possibilities and issues for future comparative and collaborative research in IR. And the visit to Cornell also allowed time for us to meet with ILR faculty and students in an informal setting. This afforded us plenty of opportunity to acquaint ourselves further with Cornell scholars and their wide-ranging IR research interests. We were also introduced to the impressive IR research materials available at the ILR library, the electronic resources of which will continue to be of much value to us, and to other doctoral students, in our work upon returning to Warwick.”

Paul Marginson, Director of IRRU, adds that the seminar provided an unprecedented opportunity for three of WBS's doctoral research students to meet their Cornell counterparts, present papers on their research and receive insightful comment from Cornell faculty as well as postgraduates. Ardha Danieli, Associate Professor in WBS’s Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour group, accompanied the Warwick students. As well as participating in the seminar, she met with Cornell colleagues to discuss common research interests and the potential for student exchanges. IRRU looks forward to further collaborative activity in the future.