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Ahilya Patkar, MILR '08

New Graduate Research Assistant to IP

Hi everyone! 

Ahilya Patkar, MILR '08I am an International student from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am the gradate RA for International Programs (IP) this semester. IP has provided me a wonderful opportunity to network with professionals with an international appreciation. Many of my friends have had their personal and professional lives enriched by the program – either by way of an international grant approval or the opportunity to travel to a new country to learn a new culture. I am excited to be a part of such an invaluable program! I invite you to contact me anytime to learn more about IP.

While working towards a MILR Degree I am also an active member of the international community at ILR. Last year, I was the president of the International Graduate Student Association (IGSA) and Graduate Student Association co-chair of Inclusion. 

After finishing my undergraduate degree in Montreal, Canada I moved back home to Dubai. I had never expected to do that, but with immense business growth and opportunities sprouting over there, I couldn’t resist. I found a great job at Emirates Airline Group and stayed there for over 5 years. Though I grew up in Dubai, the city keeps changing so rapidly that I scarcely recognize it over these 2 years, when ever I go back home. My friend’s say that’s just old age setting in – I like to think its something magical about Dubai! I hope to find out soon as my husband and I plan to return to the region after I graduate in December. 

Have a great semester! 

- Ahilya Patkar, MILR '08