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November 29 2007

ILR Presents at European Foundation Workshop, Geneva

ILR Presents at European Foundation Workshop in Geneva
The ILO in Geneva, Switzerland was the venue for the most recent annual workshop on Industrial Relations in the EU, Japan, USA, and Other Global Economies held 29-30 November 2007 by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions – an official agency of the European Union headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The ILR School, represented by Arthur Wheaton and Stuart Basefsky, was once again invited to contract with the European Foundation to produce reports and make presentations about yearly developments in industrial relations in the USA and to elaborate upon a workplace theme of interest to the European Union. This year’s theme was Working Time Practices: Trends and Challenges. The purpose of the workshop is to allow the European Union to benchmark developments in the workplace in key global economies in order to gain insights for setting its own public policy agenda. The ILR School has been invited yearly since 2003 to represent the USA. This endeavor is now recognized as a key element of an official partnership that the ILR School has with the European Foundation.

The European Foundation sends out a prescribed, formatted questionnaire with very specific, data related questions to be answered by each of the participants. As a consequence, the team from ILR which includes an ILR extension faculty/researcher and information specialist has served the needs of the European Foundation well. A continually developing web site entitled Industrial Relations Overview of the U.S. has been produced at ILR to further enhance the research efforts of the European Foundation.

Next year’s topic will be on Pay­Minimum Wage and Wage Flexibility. Again, the ILR School is invited to represent the USA.

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