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October 17 2004

Polish Leaders Meet in Buffalo to Discuss Labor Market Initiatives

Polish Leaders

Cornell-ILR Extension in Buffalo welcomed five leaders from Poland to discuss unemployment, underemployment and options to improve economic development. Buffalo has the second highest Polish population in the U.S. and has experienced many economic downturns the past three decades in addition to providing models of success. ILR faculty representing Labor Studies, Health and Safety, and International Studies discussed options and experiences from a diverse background of interests and specialties. Buffalo Niagara WorldConnect coordinated this meeting with the U.S. State Department.

Although Poland has made great strides in its economic transition since the end of the Cold War, it still has one of the highest unemployment rates (20%) in the European Union.  To help combat unemployment and underemployment, local government officials and non-governmental organizations have been working to institutionalize a Workforce Development Model (also known in Poland as a Local Partnership Model).

Read biographical sketches of visiting leaders from Poland (pdf).