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September 7 2005

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South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France, India, Germany, China…these are just a handful of the countries represented by the International Graduate Students Association (IGSA) of ILR. Founded in 2002 to promote the social, academic and professional interests of international graduate students, the IGSA has matured as an organization and is now an integral part of the student community at ILR.

Members of IGSA

With the influx of international students into the ILR School, the IGSA seeks not just to help international students adjust to their new surroundings but more importantly to integrate with the rest of student community at Cornell. As we work towards this goal of a seamless integration into the student community, we are also aware of the special needs and concerns of the international students and address and address these in ways such as:

  • The International Students Orientation held at the beginning of the Fall & Spring semesters
  • The International Internship Panel Discussion
  • Resume critiques and Mock Interviews along with the Office of Career Services
  • Career workshops in conjunction with the ISSO and the Office of Career Services
ILR Dragonboaters

Being a small community within ILR also helps us set informal mentors for the incoming students. These mentors help the incoming students get settled in Ithaca and attempt to ease what is always  a challenging period of transition from their home country. In order to build their social networks within the school, the ISGA also organizes a number of social events such as:

  • International Potlucks (always a crowd puller)
  • A ski trip during Ithaca’s famed winters
  • The International Coffee Hour
Members of IGSA

We also work closely with the ILR International Programs to promote an increasing focus on international education at the ILR School. Together we were able to advance a proposal to initiate an “International Concentration” in the MILR program. This concentration would consist of classes dealing with international topics and issues of significance at a global level.

Wherever you call home, here or abroad, we encourage all ILR grad students to become members. Just write in IGSA president Lu Zhang ( or Anil De Costa ( and we’ll add you onto our list serve.