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Conference on Employment Relations in Multinational Corporations

September 16-17, 2010

2010 International Employment Relations ConferenceThe ILR International Programs hosted a Conference on “Employment Relations in Multinational Corporation” on September 16-17, 2010. This conference brought together leading scholars in research on multinational employment practices from several countries, including, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US. The conference focused on the question of how multinationals decide whether to adopt employment practices that reflect their own home country patterns or the ‘host’ country norms in which they operate. The incredibly rich data allows the researchers to tease out host and home country effects, as well as corporate and subsidiary policies across a range of dimensions of business and HR strategy, across different countries.

2010 International Employment Relations ConferenceLead researchers include Tony Edwards, Kings College, London and Paul Marginson, Warwick University, UK. Sarosh Kuruvilla, Professor of Comparative Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining orchestrated the conference on behalf of the ILR School. Tony Edwards and Paul Marginson introduced the study and presented a paper on Multinational Companies in Cross National Context. Other presenters included experts from Leicester Business School, Kenny Business School, IESE Madrid, Newcastle Business School. (A complete list of presenters can be found at the end of the article). Cornell ILR faculty participants included, Rose Batt, Lisa Nishii, Christopher Collins, Lowell Turner, Rebecca Givan, and Harry Katz.

A sample of topics covered included

  • Multinational companies in cross national context.
  • U.S MNCs and the control of subsidiary human resources and employment practice.
  • Integrated human resource practices in the multinational company.
  • Employee representation strategies of multinational companies operating in Argentina.

The conference provided great value and insight into MNC practices worldwide.

2010 International Employment Relations ConferenceAccording to Professor Rose Batt, “this comparative international project is one of the most sophisticated and complex research projects yet undertaken, based on extensive field research plus comparative surveys of multinationals from several countries. It will reshape the way scholars approach research on global employment practices in the coming years.”

Conference Presenters

  • Tony Edwards, Department of Management, King’s College London (UK)
  • Paul Marginson, Industrial Relations Research Unit, Warwick University (UK)
  • Olga Tregaskis, Leicester Business School, De Montfort University (UK)
  • Jonathan Lavelle, Kenny Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)/LI>
  • Ryan Lamare, Kenny Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)
  • Jacques Bélanger, Department of Industrial Relations, Laval University (Canada)
  • Gregor Murray, Department of Industrial Relations, University of Montreal (Canada)
  • Patrice Jalette, Department of Industrial Relations, University of Montreal (Canada)
  • Javier Quintanilla, IESE, Madrid (Spain)
  • Lourdes Susaeta, IESE, Madrid (Spain)/LI>
  • Maria Belizon, IESE, Madrid (Spain)
  • Jorge Carrillo, COLEF, Tijuana (Mexico)
  • Maria Silvana Gurrera, Ministerio do Trabajo, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Anthony McDonnell, Newcastle Business School, Newcastle University (Australia)
  • Pauline Stanton, School of Management, Victoria University (Australia)