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July 1 2004

ICCD's Executive Director Viniar Presents in China

Barbara Viniar

Barbara Viniar, Executive Director of the Institute for Community College Development (ICCD), delivered a paper at the 2004 China-U.S. Community College Conference in Beijing in July. The purpose of the conference is to enable Chinese and U.S. community colleges to form institutional partnerships. Community colleges are very active internationally, recruiting international students and providing technical assistance to emerging colleges and systems in Australia, Eastern Europe, Central America and Asia. The conference was co-sponsored by the China Association for Adult Education and the American Association of Community Colleges. Viniar's paper is entitled "Leading Change" (pdf). She applies organizational life cycle theory (Greiner, 1998, Simon, 2001) to the development of community colleges and discuss the leadership skills needed at different stages.

ICCD is a partnership between the State University of New York and Cornell. It provides professional development and research support for community college CEO's, administrators, faculty and trustees. Viniar joined ICCD in July 2003 after serving as president of Berkshire Community College for 9 years.

This is Viniar's second trip to China. In 1988 she traveled with a group of Kellogg National Fellows. The focus of her fellowship was the political and religious influences on divorce policy in China, Ireland and Israel.