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Global Research Projects

ILR faculty at Cornell represent the world's greatest concentration of scholars in the field of industrial and labor relations. Resident and extension faculty are involved in a variety of international research projects and activities around the world. Read more about our faculty.

Some recent research projects include:

Faculty members Martine Haas, Rosemary Batt and Sarosh Kuruvilla share some of their current research

Maria CookMaría Lorena Cook, Associate Professor in the Department of Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History and the Department of International and Comparative Labor at ILR, has published a book based on her extensive research in Latin America. It is titled, The Politics of Labor Reform in Latin America: Between Flexibility and Rights.

Prof LieberwitzA keynote address at the International Knowledge, Economy, and Management Congress in Turkey entitled "Expanding Global Access to Knowledge." (Risa Lieberwitz)


Gary FieldsPoor Benefit Most from Economic Growth, a study on the effect of economic development on the incomes on all sectors of Argentina's workforce. (Gary Fields)


Prof Compa"Justice For All: The Struggle for Worker Rights in China", a report on workers' rights in China under the "core labor standards" of the International Labor Organization (Lance Compa)


Prof BattA comparative international study of technology-mediated services in 20 developed and developing economies (Rosemary Batt)


Prof TurnerGlobal cities, global governance, comparative urban coalition-building, labor and global justice movements, global democracy (Lowell Turner)


Prof Nishii Focus on IHRM issues with a focus on HRM in the service industry and in East Asia (Lisa Hisae Nishii)



Read about past projects are faculty have been engaged in.

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