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Warwick-ILR Brettschneider Ph.D. Seminar

May 4, Ithaca Campus


CornellIn the Summer of 2006, Faculty from Cornell’s ILR School and the University of Warwick’s Business School (WBS) met in Warwick, United Kingdom, for the first ILR-Warwick Seminar. On May 4, ILR Ph.D students and Warwick Business School students come together for a Warwick-ILR Brettschneider Ph.D. Seminar seminar at the ILR Conference center followed by a reception at the Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia.

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Labor Transnationalism in MNCs: Marco Hauptmeier, ILR/Cornell

Temporary agency workers: employment insecurity, representation and unionization in a triangular employment relationship:  Sophie Gamwell, IRRU/Warwick

Business restructuring and HRM strategy and structures in MNCs: a comparison of Canadian and Swedish-owned MNCs in two global regions:  Annette Hayden, IRRU/Warwick

The Establishment and Operation of Information and Consultation of Employees Arrangements in the UK: Case Study Evidence: Aristea Koukiadaki, IRRU/Warwick



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