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Urban Africa

November 15, Ithaca Campus


Perspectives and prospects for planners, architects and activists

WED, NOV 15 @ 7 PM in SIBLEY 101

Join us for a panel discussion about current issues and trends in African cities, as we prepare to launch a new initiative focused on Urban Africa.

Panel speakers include:

* Jonathan Ferrari, an architect who has worked on housing in

self-built settlements in South Africa, using local waste-streams as the source for building materials. He has a 20-minute video he'll present along with a brief intro.

* Dag Woubshet, a new faculty member in English Literature who will talk about language and culture in relation to South African and Ethiopian cities.

* Ignacio Armillas, formerly with UNCHS in Nairobi and currently a visiting scholar with CIPA, who will talk about institutional

structures and UN programs and issues related to urban development in Africa

In addition, Neema Kudva will give an overview of key demographic and urbanization statistics, and David Driskell and Jeremy Foster will give an overview of the joint planning/design initiative for Winter Session and Spring 2007. Neema Kudva will also briefly introduce the new Cornell-Mercy Corps research/internship initiative.

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