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Transforming India's Rural Economy

October 2, Ithaca Campus

Nachiket Mor

135 Emerson Hall

Nachiket Mor is the deputy managing director of ICICI Bank, which is currently the second-largest bank in India with total asset of US$ 56 billion. The bank is among the leading investors in the agriculture, food and health care sector in India. Dr. Mor also is the chairman of the Managing Committee of the Institute of Financial Management and Research, which has recently established the Centre for Micro-Finance Research in Chennai. In these capacities Dr. Mor has been actively involved in development initiatives at the micro-level. Mor has a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. In 2004 he was a Yale World Fellow. He is on the Board of International Food Policy Research Institute. Dr.Mor leads several initiatives of ICICI in India that are focused on improving public health and agriculture sector in India; ICICI Agri-Knowledge Forum is an initiative that aims at enhancing the income of small farmers in India; and ICICI Knowledge Park is one of the largest incubators supporting several life science enterprises. We will also be organizing a lunch for interested students and faculty with Mor on Oct 2. Email to include your name so that we can confirm the location and time.

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