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Reconciling Paid and Unpaid Work:
North-South Differences

November 1, Ithaca Campus

Gender and Global Change Program
Workshop & Reception

Lourdes Beneria
City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

4:30–6 pm 114 Martha Van Rensselaer

The “crisis of care” in Europe has intensified the urgency of designing effective policies to balance family and labor market work, and the debate on these "policies of reconciliation" has become a hot topic. In Latin America, a corresponding debate has barely emerged. The socio-economic conditions in the two regions are very different, yet they can be highly connected, for example through international migration and its continuous process of feminization. In this talk, Lourdes Benería will examine the similarities and differences that condition reconciliation policies in the two regions, and she will analyze the linkages between these policies and the enhancement of women's capabilities.

Ms. Beneria is a Professor of City and Regional Planning and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (FGSS). Her research centers on gender and development, labor markets, women's work, globalization, European integration, and Latin American development.

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