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International Symposium on Self-Organizing Online Communities

March 29-31, Ithaca Campus

423 ILR Conference Center
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

All daytime events open to the public

This three-day international workshop, co-sponsored by the ISS Networks Team and Microsoft Research, will focus on communities in cyberspace, and in particular, on the dynamics of self-organization within these communities. We will engage several related themes: theories of online community dynamics, facilitation of participation and contribution to online community, the dynamics of interaction, methods and data, and implications for the future of online community and research. The rapid growth of on-line communities (such as news groups, blogs,and wikis), opens up unprecedented possibilities to observe the recruitment process in real time, including the network structures through which it is mediated. These communities also represent research sites for the study of on-line governance and the emergence of norms and institutions. Accordingly, the workshop examines the new research opportunities for
studying social interactions that leave a digital trace. To that end, the workshop introduces participants to a wide range of online data sources, including a reconfigured relational database derived from the Internet Archive and hosted at Cornell as part of the NSF's Next Generation Cyberinfrastructure Program.

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