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Fall 2004 Campus Workshops

Fall 2004, Campus Workshops

Collective Bargaining, Labor Law and Labor History
  • November 9, 2004
    "Human Resource Issues in the Development of India's Outsourcing Industry" by Sarosh Kuruvilla, Professor of Comparative Inudstrial Relations, Cornell University
  • October 26, 2004
    "What Causes Collective Bargaining Patters to Change? The Erosion of Industry Wide Negotiation & Pattern Bargaining in Agentina" by Ardiana Marshall, Senior Researcher, National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) and Senior Research Associate-in-Residence Department of Economics & Geography, Hofstra University
  • October 14, 2004
    "Beyond Formal Equality for Women: An International and Comparative Analysis" Panel Discussion with Carole Cooper, Professor, Head of Labour, Economy and Development Programme, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Francine Moccio, Director, Intitute for Women and Work, Cornell University and Frances Raday, Professor of Law, College of Management, Professor Emerita, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Human Resource Studies
  • October 24, 2004
    "Managing the intellectual capital architecture: An examination of the influence of HRM on bilateral learning in law firms" by Sung-Choon Kang, ILR PhD Student

Labor Economics
  • November 22, 2004
    "Individual Earning Dynamics in Urban Mexico: 1987-2000" by Robert Duval Hernandez, Cornell University
  • November 1, 2004
    "Occupational Differences in Human Resource Management and the Implications for Firm Performance" by Dana Samuelson, Cornell University
  • September 27, 2004
    "Fear and the Response to Terrorism: An Economic Analysis" (pdf) by Yona Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University
  • October 18, 2004
    "Changes in the Process of Aging during the Twentieth Century" by Robert W. Fogel '48, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Charles Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago

Organizational Behavior
  • November 18, 2004
    "Boom and Bust: The Effect of Entrepreneurial Inertia on Organizational Populations" by Martin Ruef, Princeton University
  • September 24, 2004
    "Gurus, Hired Guns and Warm Bodies" by Stephen Barley, Stanford University

Other Presentations

  • November 16, 2004
    "African Women's Voices: Effects of War on Sudanese Women" by Dr. Julia Duany, Research Associate, Indiana University

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