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Call for Papers: UCLA

May 9-10, 2008, UCLA

Europe’s Borderlands

Migration, trafficking and regional integration
in interdisciplinary perspective

Call for Papers

Graduate Student Conference
9th-10th May 2008

Organized by Adrian Favell, Gail Kligman
Center for European and Eurasian Studies, UCLA

In the wake of twin enlargements (2004 and 2007) and the ever expansive effects of the European Neighbourhood Policy, borders and the movements across which define them, have changed forever in Europe. Whether in terms of everyday travel between Poland and Germany, illicit trade and trafficking at the Ukraine-Romania border, people smuggling from Albania to Italy, or the maintenance of an offshore European wall against migration in Ceuta, Morocco, Europe’s edges have never been fuzzier or more contested. They also provide a guide to other areas of the world undergoing regional integration processes that engender mass migration and mobility across borders, including the US-Latin American borderlands.

In order to facilitate new research on this subject, as well as build a interdisciplinary network of young Europeanists in North American, the UCLA International Institute and Center for European and Eurasian Studies is organizing a graduate student conference at UCLA May 9-10, 2008. Up to 12 partially-funded invitations will be made to North America (US and Canadian based) graduate researchers to present a paper and participate in a two day conference with faculty at UCLA. In addition, a number of special invitations will be extended to a small number of European based graduate students at leading European social science institutions. Commentary, advice and discussion will be offered to help authors develop their papers for journal publication. The keynote speaker and commentator will be Virginie Guiraudon, CNRS and University of Lille II.

Researchers from across the span of the social sciences will be invited, including anthropology, economics, European/Eurasian, African or Middle Eastern studies, history, law, political science, sociology, women’s studies. We welcome papers on the following topics:

• The effects of EU enlargement, EU externalization or European Neighbourhood Policy on mobility, migration, informal trade, tourism, or cross-border interactions at any of Europe’s borders East/West or South/North
• Policies and implementation of policing, security, control and border management issues
• International legal and human rights’ issues in the management of new migration in Europe
• Studies of the EU Neighbourhood and externalization policies
• Ethnographies of mobility, trafficking, labor migration and refugee movements into Europe from Eurasia, the Balkans, the Middle East or Africa
• Comparisons of European borders with US-Latin America borders, and comparisons of the politics of migration/mobility in these regions
• Effects of regional integration on migration, mobility and cross-border trade 
• International relations in Europe’s borderlands

The conference will take place at UCLA. Invited participants will be offered 2 or 3 nights accommodation in Westwood in a shared room, together with a fixed rate contribution to their travel costs according to distance (max $300 each). Sending institutions will be invited to contribute partially to funding their students.

Deadline for calls: January 10th
Invitations sent: Feb 1st
Acceptance deadline: Feb 10th
Deadline for papers (journal style: 8,000 words): April 15th

Applications including a 500 word (max) abstract and one page personal resumé should be sent by POST to:

Jim Robbins
Center for European and Eurasian Studies (CEES)
11367 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1446

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