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Your gift to ILR International Programs will make an important difference to students and to the School. Listed here are just several ways you can help.

International Experience Funds

The number of ILR students seeking an international experience before graduation is rising, but the cost is prohibitive for all too many. Your gift to help offset travel and living expenses--in any amount--will allow more students to pursue volunteer opportunities, field research, unpaid internships, and undergraduate honors theses projects abroad.  Funds will be awarded competitively based on student proposals for International Experience Grants, meeting a critical need in making an ILR-related learning experience possible.

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Global Field Study Funds

Newly designed field study courses give ILR students a chance to explore in-depth what they learn in the classroom. Led by ILR faculty, students travel to a specific region of the world for one to three weeks during the semester to examine workplace issues, policies, and practices first-hand with local experts and practitioners. Students incorporate their learning in the classroom with their field study in a final paper and class presentation. The successful pilot course, led by HR professor Patrick Wright, focused on the European Union. Students traveled to Amsterdam where they compared significant aspects of the dominant U.S. strategic HR model with strategic HR models found in the EU.

Next year’s class will go to China. As the cost of participating is limited by a student’s ability to cover airfare and lodging, not all who want to enroll will be able to. With your help, this unique experience can be accessible to many more interested ILR students.

Establish a "Named" Visiting Fellow Position

Each year the ILR School welcomes visiting scholars from around the world to pursue research, collaborate with faculty, and contribute to the intellectual life of the school. In 2005-06 there have been thirty Visiting Fellows from many countries and whose stays range from 3 weeks to one year.

The ILR School benefits hugely from the diverse and global perspectives visitors bring. In each case, positions are unfunded so participants are normally self-selected. Our hope is to enrich this important program by establishing a “named” Visiting Fellow position so we may invite a preeminent scholar each year, funded by ILR. This person’s contribution will include classroom teaching, extending their interaction to students with whom they can share global or regional expertise on important workplace issues.

Global Speaker Series

Contributions will assist in bringing a renowned academic and/or practitioner to give an ILR-related public lecture, speak to classes, and interact with students, faculty, and extension during a visit of several days to ILR-Cornell. The first such event, "Labor, Business, and Human Rights in China," was held in April 2005 and made possible by the Waks Family Fund. This panel discussion featured specialists on labor, workers' human rights, and responsible investment in China. The second event in this series will take place during the Spring ’06 semester.

International Research & Exchange

Faculty and student research and exchange are central to ILR’s core mission. International exchange opportunities with leading institutions around the world are being established. Each exists in support of teaching, research, education, and outreach, though most are currently unfunded. Your gift will go far in nurturing these new partnerships by assuring regular participation by ILR students and faculty.

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For more information on these and other giving opportunities, or to suggest an area of particular interest to you, please contact us. With your permission, we appreciate being able to acknowledge each gift on this ILR website.