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September 8 2011

Sarosh Kuruvilla Wins Lehman Award   

Sarosh Kuruvilla, ILR professor and Chair of the ILR International Programs has recently won an award from the Jeffrey S. Lehman Fund to further and formalize the partnership with Renmin University’s School of Labor and Human Resources.  

Both the ILR School and the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University, Beijing are the largest schools in the field in their home countries.  The partnership between the schools has been developing informally over the past four years, and with the help of this grant will become formalized through an undergraduate and graduate student exchange program as well as create new research project opportunities amongst the faculty between the two schools.  

While over the past five years, there have been informal faculty exchanges and co-organized conferences, the partnership between the two schools have reached a level where a structured student exchange program can be created and implemented with the help of the Lehman award.  This comes at an opportune time as the interest from ILR students on labor relations and human resources in China has been on the rise.  

The student exchange program is projected to be underway by next year, and the International Programs office expects to fund two graduate and three undergraduate students during the next years to travel to each other’s institutions.