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March 5 2012

ILR International Programs Announces New Grant Program for ILR Faculty for International Conferences

ILR international Programs will hold a grant competition for ILR faculty for holding international conferences, once every two years. The maximum award of the grant will be $ 50,000.  It is expected that we will only fund one grant during each cycle.  

This grant has become possible given revenues earned by International Programs through an executive development program for an Indian Business school. These revenues would have not been possible without faculty and staff involvement.  In particular, thanks John Hausknecht, Brad Bell, Sam Bacharach, Rose Batt, Lisa Nishii, Sarosh Kuruvilla, Linda Gasser, Pamela Strausser, Marya Besharov and John Haggerty for teaching repeatedly in this program, and to Donna Ramil (Associate Director, international programs) , for administering the program.   In addition thanks to the Dean who authorized the establishment of an endowment account for international conferences funded by a portion of the revenues from this program.

The conditions of the grant are as follows.
1)    The conference must focus on a topic of global significance.
2)    At least 33% (more than 33% is desirable) of the presenters at this conference must be from other countries.
3)    The conference must result in a definite output: either a book or a special issue of an academic journal.
4)    The ILRR Review will have the rights of first refusal if the output is a special issue of a journal and Cornell University Press (ILR Imprint) will have the rights of first refusal if the output is in the form of an edited volume.
5)    It is desirable, though not essential, for the conference to be conducted in Ithaca or NYC to make it easier for our students to attend.   
6)     Applications will be reviewed by the International Programs Committee  (currently, Lowell Turner, Rose Batt, Gary Fields, Maria Cook, Alex Colvin, Sarosh Kuruvilla, Lisa Nishii, Eli Friedman & Sean Sweeney)
7)    Applications for this international conference grant are due by September 1 2012, for a conference to be held during the calendar year 2013 or academic year 2013-2014.