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October 22 2010

ILR Around the World: Student International Experiences Webcast

ILR Dean, Harry Katz, hosted the first webcast of the academic year; ILR Around the World: Student International Experiences, on October 20, 2010. During the webcast, he spoke about the international opportunities offered to students through the ILR School. He also facilitated interesting discussions with students who had availed themselves of these opportunities. According to Dean Katz, the world of work is becoming increasing global and the ILR School is responding by increasing ways students can prepare to enter a more global workforce. These include an increase in the number of courses that provide an international and comparative perspective. Moreover, credit internships, small grants and international exchange programs have increased opportunities for students to undertake international experiences. Dean Katz also discussed ILR’s goal, which is to try to ensure that every student will have the opportunity to have at least one intensive international experience while at ILR.

A segment featuring video clips of students who had participated in the credit internship program  at the ILO was included in the webcast. The student experiences were diverse, both in terms of project work and geographical location. A sample of student projects included:  a child labor project in New Delhi, India; anti trafficking and industrial relations work in Beijing, China; and an occupational health and safety project in Geneva, Switzerland. According to one of the students “It was above and beyond the most important thing I did. It was a great way to take everything I learned in the classroom and apply it in a real world situation”.

During the webcast, Dean Katz engaged in an interesting discussion with Medalis Trelles ’12 and Eva Drago ’12, about their internship experiences at SVYM, an NGO in India. Moreover, Dr.R.Balasubramaniam, the founder of SVYM was also featured during the webcast, as he discussed the goals and objectives of SVYM. Dr. Balu acknowledged Eva and Medalis’ sensitivity and willingness to learn and contribute while they worked in a developing country. Dean Katz also had a detailed discussion with Christian Zamarron ’11, who wanted to pursue social justice work and ended up working as a strategic researcher for the Solidarity Center in Mexico City.

For students interested in learning more, the internship at SVYM was organized and funded through ILR International Programs whereas the internship at the Solidarity Center was organized through ILR’s Credit Internship Office. For further details about international opportunities, please contact the following;

International Credit Internships:
Brigid K. Beachler
Managing Director, Office of Off-Campus Credit Internship Programs
Email:, Phone:  607-255-2266

Summer International Internships:
Donna Ramil
Associate Director, ILR International Programs
Email:, Phone: 607-254-7255

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