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December 7

The Future of Retail: Flexible Shift Work in the 21st Century
Eric Severson, former Co-CHRO & Senior Vice President, Gap Inc., Appointee, National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Q/A with Jose Davila '87, Management Consultant, Organization Design Specialist, Global Human Resources Executive, ArchPoint Group

Over the past twenty years, flexible shift workers (who make up about 1/3 of all workers) have become increasingly scheduled by algorithms. Software tells managers when and how much work to give employees. In the short-term, automated scheduling may boost profits, but in the long-run, it destroys morale--and possibly competitive advantage.

Eric Severson will explain how this happened, the implications of the change, and how to find the right balance between algorithmic efficiency and human needs in the workplace of the future.

How do we take shift work from vicious to virtuous?