Past Events

The Maker Movement: Finding Meaning in Work

Mark Frauenfelder, founding editor-in-chief of MAKE Magazine, research director at the Institute for the Future, and co-founder of Boing Boing, will talks about what Makerism means in the 21st century and why it is so necessary as we rethink the future of work.

The Global Gig Economy: Choice or Necessity?

Susan Lund, Economist and Partner, McKinsey Global Institute focuses is on the gig economy. According to recent analysis, 94% of all net new jobs in the past ten years are freelance, temp, part-time, or gig labor. The story of this change--as a choice or as a necessity--appear to be mutually exclusive. Critics see this shift as the death of the good job, while proponents see this as liberation from the 9-to-5. Susan Lund will complicate this good/evil story, drawing on new research that shows the divergent experiences of workers in the gig economy around the world, putting numbers to the narratives.

Basic Income: A Response to Disruptive Technology.

An evening with Andy Stern, senior fellow at Columbia University and author of Raising the Floor, in conversation with Steven Berkenfeld '81, Managing Director at Barclays Capital.

The first in a series of public forums dedicated to the Future of Work took place September 27th, 2016. Hosted by ILR’s New York City-based Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS) and moderated by Associate Professor and IWS director Louis Hyman, the lively discussion centered on disruptive technology, the decline of traditional employment opportunities, the emergence of the gig economy, Universal Basic Income, and other prevailing topics transforming the world of work.

Freelancing in America: The Present and Future of the Gig Economy

Findings from the "Freelancing in America: 2016" study.

On October 7, 2016 Stephane Kasriel, CEO of, and Sara Horowitz ‘84, founder of the Freelancers Union, revealed their annual findings from their joint research study. Upwork is the world’s largest freelancer platform and the Freelancers Union is the world’s largest gig worker organization. Their annual report is the best data on the state of freelancing in the U.S., based on their own unique data. Sara and Stephane discussed the findings and the implications of the report for the future of work.