Working Paper Repository

The Institute for Compensation Studies (ICS) provides a central repository for academic research on compensation through the Cornell ILR Catherwood Library’s digital commons. The location of the site is

Interested researchers can submit their papers to the ICS for possible inclusion by sending a message to

Current Compensation Research Projects

  • Aging Workforce and Age Discrimination
  • Compensation of Persons with Disabilities
  • Compensation of Public and Private University Presidents
  • Compensation in Asia
  • Compensation in Nonprofits, Unions, and For-profit Companies
  • Compensation in Sports
  • Employees’ Choice of Method of Pay
  • Executive Compensation in American Unions
  • Forestry Pay Back in the Day
  • Individual and Group Bonuses
  • International Compensation
  • Judicial Salaries in New York State
  • Managing Layoffs
  • Mental health and the labor market
  • Pay Secrecy and Its Effects on Employees
  • Pet Insurance and Animals in the Wo
  • Stock Option Valuation
  • Superstar Pay
  • Technology's Impact on World of Work
  • The Difference Between Employer Cost and Employee Value of Compensation
  • The Gender Pay Gap in Compensation of Managers of Nonprofits
  • The Illinois Historical Salary Census
  • Wages Versus Total Compensation

Data Archive

ICS provides a safe location to store and analyze data through the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) which was established in October 1999 as a NSF-sponsored pilot site for providing secure access to confidential research data. In May 2005, the Office of the Vice-Provost for Research designated CRADC as the University custodian of restricted access data sets.

The ICS is currently holding more than 25 unique firm administrative datasets on compensation. These data are protected in the Restricted Access Data Center.