Performance Pay, Metrics and Practice Alignment

Institute for Compensation Studies, ICS, Cornell ILR

The Institute for Compensation Studies Performance Pay, Metrics and Practice Alignment courses serve compensation practitioners, analysts, managers and experienced HR professionals and business partners. Courses provide in-depth instruction across a broad spectrum of pay-for-performance considerations.

Course Content Includes:

  • Systems and organizational thinking in the framing of pay
  • Case studies and action-learning lab exercises to illustrate key concepts
  • Metrics necessary for aligning practice with strategy
  • Valuable opportunities for peer-to-peer learning
  • Curriculum designed in collaboration with senior faculty at Cornell University's ILR School 

While each course can be taken on a stand-alone basis, the Institute for Compensation Studies™ (ICS) Performance Pay, Metrics and Practice Alignment Advanced Certificate is given to recognize completion of the four courses in the certificate curriculum.

Course Series

Beyond Base Pay - Using Incentives to Drive Performance (ICS400)

As the pressure to “do more with less” increases, many organizations are searching for ways to more efficiently utilize compensation budgets to achieve their strategic goals. Directly linking pay to performance is a key solution currently being discussed. Understanding how to link pay to performance, creating an appropriate compensation philosophy, and knowing what types of incentive pay are most effective for which groups of employees are critical to the successful incentive and merit pay programs.

2-day workshop
Dec 9-10, 20159:00 am - 5:00 pm
New York, NY

Executive Compensation, and Key Talent and Superstar Pay for Performance (ICS401)

Executive compensation and superstar pay have become increasing controversial in recent years. Truly understanding the basics of compensating executives, key talent and superstars is key to re-thinking how to align performance, strategy and pay for “must-retain” employees and organizational leaders.

Optimizing Pay for Performance and Managing Compensation Change (ICS403)

An organization's compensation philosophy centered on performance-based pay sends a message of accountability and establishes expectations for employees. But, the less prepared an organization is to manage this approach, the more difficult its execution will be. Understanding and knowing how these expectations will be rewarded plays a critical role in managing employee expectations. Throughout this process, it is essential to recognize the distinct values that different groups of employees place on compensation and how to best engage them while strengthening the pay and performance.