Submission policies


The ILRReview will not consider any paper under simultaneous review by any other journal or publisher.

We require authors, whenever legally possible, to assign the copyright of their accepted manuscripts to the Review.

Authors of empirical papers accepted for publication will be asked, in most cases, to make their data and programs available to other researchers.

About Copyrighted Materials

  • The author can post or archive the original draft at any website at any time. An original draft is a paper in the form in which it is first submitted to the ILRReview, before any changes have been made in response to reviewers' and the editor's recommendations.

  • The same rules pertain to intermediate drafts as to accepted papers (see below). An intermediate draft is a draft of a paper incorporating some revisions in response to reviewers' and editor's recommendations. This draft has not yet been accepted for publication by the ILRReview but is being considered for publication and has not been withdrawn by the author from such consideration.

  • An accepted paper can be posted on the author's personal website at any time and may also be included in the repository of the author's funder, provided that it is not made publicly available until 18 months after official publication in the ILRReview. An accepted paper is a paper in the version accepted for publication in the ILRReview. It incorporates all changes requested by reviewers and the editor, but does not incorporate final copyediting or final typographical formatting or pagination. An accepted paper cannot be posted on any publicly available website other than the author's personal website until 18 months after official publication.

  • A published article is one that is considered in its final form as it appears in the ILRReview.

Starting 18 months after official print publication, a published article can be posted at the author's personal website and at archival websites of not-for-profit entities. The file posted must include the runninghead (which, on left-hand pages, reads "ILRReview") and the full opening page of the article (at the foot of which are found publishing details, including "© Cornell University").

Published articles are under the copyright of Cornell University and cannot be sold or offered for download for any fee, except by prior agreement with the ILRReview.