Residential Programs

HR Leading Change Campaigns

3 Day Program

Changing individual behavior is the most difficult task in a large-scale, complex strategic change initiative. Cornell ILR’s Human Capital Development program, Leading Change Campaigns, enables HR Practitioners and Business Leaders to leverage the collective energy of the organization and tap into the promise of future benefits as they emerge. By identifying the symbolic and practical signposts of a future state, leaders can systematically employ them as the building blocks and catalysts for sustainable change. During this three (3) day in-depth program join change leaders from other organizations to examine and practice the four elements of a faster and more effective change campaign:

  • Listening In To discover where innovation is already taking place in the organization and who is behind it.
  • Creating a Strategic Theme To mobilize people and give direction.
  • Sweeping People In To build critical mass.
  • Building the Infrastructure To support the people who are taking risks and to institutionalize the new practices they're creating

During the workshop participants will develop an action plan and apply techniques, tools and methods to their own organizational change initiative.

Consulting Skills for Business Results

3 Day Program

Businesses today are being faced with unprecedented change and resource constraints. These challenges require real-time, cost-effective solutions that HR practitioners are tasked to deliver. Cornell ILR’s Human Capital Development program, Consulting Skills for Business Results, enables HR Practitioners to build the critical skills necessary to generate results in organizations by operating as internal consultants. Consulting capability is typically developed in the classroom, in the workplace and through coaching and feedback. This program accelerates that learning by focusing on three (3) core consulting skills: Positioning, Contracting and Productive Dialogue. Participants will learn the skills to understand and diagnose the business context, make recommendations, exert influence and become recognized as a value-added business partner. This collaborative and proactive consulting approach helps business leaders identify issues, think systemically and establish priorities that are results focused.

Participants conclude the workshop by applying consulting techniques to projects they are or will be working on in their organization.

Watch a brief video conversation with Michael Serino, Executive Director of Human Capital Development.

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