Leadership Essentials Certificate

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Explore your strengths and areas for development in managing others while learning to think strategically when making decisions and delegating work.

HCD's Leadership Essentials Certificate presents relevant issues and topics that new and experienced leaders are facing in today's business environment.

Examine approaches for leading individuals with different styles and diverse capabilities to achieve business results. Put theory into practice with the help of case study work, self-assessments, simulations, classroom activities and action planning.

Workshops may only be applied toward one certificate.

Workshop Descriptions

Leadership Skills for Success: Engaging Employees and Building Teams

Learn how to master critical communication and management skills to effectively lead employees, establish priorities, and delegate responsibilities. Add value to your organization by being clear about the results you want to achieve, the environment you want to create, and how you will develop talent. Become an effective leader with the ability to build relationships, gain the commitment of others, and manage workplace communications.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is the ability to harness emotions in sensing, understanding and responding adeptly to social cues in the surrounding environment, is a better predictor of success than IQ. Measure your current EI level and receive coaching to improve it. Then learn to use your EI toUse EI to make pivotal decisions, plan projects and initiatives, solve problems, interact with clientsothers, set performance expectations, communicate feedback and interact with colleagues of all levelssolve problems, and achieve higher performance. Develop and enhance EI competencies to achieve higher performance.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Coaching for Performance and Potential

Build skills for an engaging coaching relationship that nurtures talent and improves team performance. Establish an understanding of when coaching is needed and practice using a coaching model that facilitates effective coaching conversations. Review theories for changing behavior, examine imperative coaching elements, and formulate a successful development plan.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Managing Change Successfully

Learn to embrace what can sometimes feel like chaos, and turn change into opportunity. Understand change and its impact on teams and organizations; recognize your strengths and challenges in managing change and leverage effective change tools to become a better leader. This workshop offers a self-assessment, a method to navigate real-world scenarios and a personal action plan.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Resolving Conflict

Conflict may have constructive or destructive consequences on individual or team performance. Acquire the ability to identify, confront, manage and resolve conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations