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Buffalo is a big city with a hometown feel. Located in the Buffalo-Niagara region of New York State, Buffalo is in a period of revitalization in a region that offers a world of opportunity.  Find out about unique group housing opportunities for Fellows and other elements that make Buffalo such a great place to spend a summer.


High Road partner organizations are focused on revitalizing Buffalo. Each of the placements associated with the program are determined in tackling Rust Belt challenges like urban revitalization, quality job creation, the green economy, and small business development. High Road fellows have and continue to make immense and lasting contributions to the fabric of these organizations.


Buffalo is a culturally rich city and has lots of different types of experiences to offer such as museums, historic architecture, theater, music, festivals, food, and sporting events. Every Friday the students as a group are immersed in the city life of Buffalo, with neighborhood walking tours, field trips and cultural experiences; meetings guest experts and civic leaders; and sharing their weekly journals, project experiences and research.