Previous Fellows and Partner Organizations


  • Jacob Barnes, Partnership for the Public Good
  • Armin Behroozi, UB Center for Urban Studies
  • Zachary Benfanti, Learning Disabilities of WNY
  • Justine Brennan, Arts Services Initiative of WNY
  • Abigail Frey, WNY Law Center
  • Gabrielle Hickmon, CWA Health Sciences Charter School
  • Kathleen Huffman, CAO Green Entrepreneurial Center
  • William Larkin, GOBike Buffalo
  • Alexis Leonard, Partnership for the Public Good
  • Christopher McGinn, WNY Council on Occupational Safety and Health
  • Kevin Mollica, Theodore Roosevelt Historical Site
  • Manuela Monjimbo, International Institute of Buffalo
  • Daniel Powers, Coalition for Economic Justice
  • Jacob Reichert, Buffalo CarShare
  • Courtney Sokol, Clean Air Coalition of WNY
  • Rebeka Tannenbaum, Massachusetts Avenue Project
  • Frederick Turner, Belmont Housing Resources of WNY
  • Renee Wall, Everywoman Opportunity Center
  • Di Wu, WNY Law Center
  • Luise Yang, Buffalo First


"Knowing that my research is promoting the well-being of the city of Buffalo and its residents makes going out on a construction site on a hot Wednesday morning not only fathomable, but a rewarding experience." ~2012 Fellow


In 2011 the High Road Fellowship Program expanded to provide 14 students with the opportunity to participate in the program. The students, six from the area and eight from outside of WNY, began working June 6 to help revitalize Buffalo.

This summer marked the third year of the program and the largest yet. The program has grown in the number of students participating and also geographically as students from California, Michigan and Pennsylvania came to Buffalo this summer. Five of the High Road Fellows live in Buffalo’s first energy neutral house. Known as the NetZero House, it is located on the West Side in PUSH Buffalo’s Green Development Zone. The area combines green-design affordable housing, sustainable landscaping, community planning, urban agriculture and green jobs training in a 20-block area.

Fellows and Partners participating in the 2011 High Road Fellowship Program:

  • Derya Akbaba ’13, Urban Roots
  • Jeffrey Baker ’14, Partnership for the Public Good
  • Daniel Cooper ’13, Buffalo First
  • Susanne Donovan ’13, Daemen College Center for Sustainable Communities
  • Abhishek Gupta ’10, MS ’11, International Institute
  • David Huang ’13, Coalition for Economic Justice
  • Sahil Jain ’14, Prisoners are People Too
  • Elizabeth Li ’13, Clean Air Coalition
  • Alyssa Murrett ’13, Public Accountability Initiative, Partnership for the Public Good
  • John Parker ’12, PUSH Buffalo
  • Lauren Schwarzenholzer ’13, Partnership for the Public Good
  • Elizabeth Spivak ’13, Everywoman Opportunity Center
  • Andrea Thomas ’12, Heart of the City Neighborhoods
  • Tom Wasko ’14, Buffalo CarShare

"This fellowship was quite simply amazing. I’ve learned so much and gained a much more professional and educated perspective.The opportunity to be such an essential part of an organization can never be replaced or forgotten; I never thought I would be able to do such satisfying work!” ~ Sahil Jain ’14, Prisoners are People Too

“I came to Buffalo without a complete understanding of what my summer fellowship would entail. I came to Buffalo not even knowing what a single letter in the MWBE acronym meant. After eight weeks of craziness, my final project is complete. With a final turnout of about 50, Bridging the Gap, Heart of the City’s development forum was a success. The past two months haven’t always been easy, smooth, or reassuring. But now that I can look back at everything I’ve done, I realize how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown, and how much I can handle when it comes to challenging work tasks. Here’s to Buffalo, the little (big) city that has captured my life and my heart this summer.” ~ Andrea Thomas ’12, Heart of the City Neighborhoods


Fellows and Partners participating in the 2010 High Road Fellowship Program:

  • Thom Barnes, Coalition for Economic Justice
  • Sam Bordia, PUSH Buffalo
  • Julia Burgdorf, Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
  • Michael Dolce, Western New York Apollo Alliance
  • Mary Anne Finn, International Institute of Buffalo
  • Aaron Klein, Urban Roots Community Garden Center
  • Elaina Mule, Partnership for the Public Good
  • Kwan Park, International Institute of Buffalo’
  • Zach Smith, Partnership for the Public Good
  • JC Tretter, Hispanics United of Buffalo

"The Fellowship has strengthened the concepts I have learned in my classes and given them a real-world application." ~2010 Fellow

"I thought that the Friday times were really valuable, they gave the work I did Monday-Thursday more meaning because I learned about a range of unique but interconnecting issues in Buffalo. I really enjoyed the tours, especially the one where we visited the Massachusetts Avenue Project, and the guest speakers." ~2010 Fellow


2009 marked the first official summer of the High Road Runs Through the City Fellowship Program in Buffalo, NY.

Fellows and Partners participating in the 2009 High Road Fellowship Program:

  • Robert Chudy, PUSH Buffalo
  • Neresa DeBiasi, Homeless Alliance of WNY
  • Michael Dolce, Coalition for Economic Justice
  • Nathan Horrell, Partnership for the Public Good and Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Matthew Scherer, Buffalo First! and Ujima Theatre Company