Greater Buffalo

The challenges facing a post-industrial city are well documented. Buffalo has seen staggering population and employment losses the past thirty years. Recently though, the city has experienced a period of revitalization. The people and community organizations involved with the High Road program and beyond are doggedly committed to its rebirth. Many have already begun the process. Buffalo's arts and cultural programming is unrivaled among cities its size and the social networks that underlie its artistic movement are vital. Neighborhood business districts are beginning to rebound on all sides of the city. The city's residential architecture is of astounding quality and character.

Buffalo: This Place Matters (video)

There is continued hope for renewal, especially with policy commitments and investments targeted to increase employment opportunities for the urban poor, address the crisis of housing abandonment, and rebuild the infrastructure needed to capitalize on Buffalo's assets: its alternative arts culture, low-cost housing, major universities, and proximity to Toronto, one of the world's fastest growing cities. The High Road is alive and well in Buffalo.

Buffalo Rising