Community and relationships are integral to the High Road experience. This makes the city of Buffalo is an ideal living laboratory for students. Students' projects are coordinated through the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG), a community-based think-tank with over 145 richly networked organizational partners, each of which is eligible to apply for a High Road Fellow. The Fellowship is a true immersion of life in Buffalo where students live, work and explore in the community they are serving.

High Road Fellows are also part of a great local network of Cornell alumni. Since 1880, Buffalo Cornellians have been actively supporting the University. Today, the Cornell Club of Greater Buffalo is dedicated to engaging area alumni, students, parents, and friends of Cornell with each other, the University, and Buffalo civic life. There are over 2000 Cornell alumni in the area, and Cornell currently enrolls over 175 students from the Buffalo-Niagara region, or around 45 students in every entering class year.

You got to look outside – your eyes

You got to think outside – your brain

You got to walk outside – your life

To where the neighborhoods change.

Buffalo native, Ani DiFranco from Willing to Fight on the album Puddle Dive