What We Do For You

Our Strategy

Rapid cycle approaches of today’s high-tech firms, informs and grounds our current approaches for implementing changes in the healthcare sector. We consistently employ a combination of the following to shift fragmented delivery systems into integrated, cost-effective ones:

  • extensive on-site needs assessment
  • thorough analysis of sector trends
  • best practices of delivery system science
  • strategic use of labor-management partnerships
  • proven organizational change approaches

Our Approach

We first establish a safe environment for labor and management to identify areas of joint work and set mutual goals. We then work with key union and management leaders to construct a variety of custom activities and develop workplans based on their current needs. Using practical approaches based on innovative work system methods, we provide educational workshops, training, and consulting support for labor and management leaders to enable them to implement, manage and create a sustainable new delivery system.

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish patient-centered care delivery systems which result in increased quality patient outcomes, employee engagement and job satisfaction while simultaneously creating a more efficient work environment. We achieve this by acting as the catalyst to inspire union leaders and management to become proactive partners and stewards in quality and system improvement.