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Sloan Healthcare Scholars Networking Conference

Finding a High Road Strategy in Healthcare

Was held on:

April 21-22, 2010

As health care reform and policy changes take center stage internationally, nationally, and at the state level, the importance of ensuring an adequate health care labor force cannot be overstated.

Health care quality, patient safety, and service costs and efficiency hinge in no small measure on recruiting, retaining, training, and engaging healthcare workers. Yet these labor and organizational issues, while fundamental to the health and capacity of our healthcare system, often receive too little attention in health care reform debates and in the research literature on health care quality, efficiency, and safety.

This networking conference is to bring together Sloan affiliates who are conducting research related to labor and organizational issues in health care.

The focus of this two day meeting is to share the results of current research, identify potential areas for collaborative projects to address gaps in knowledge, and to identify ways to help influence public policy discussions about healthcare reform. 

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