Cornell University

Healthcare Transformation Project

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Conference Program and Presentations

2010 Conference Program (pdf)

Tuesday, May 11 - Session I

Peter Lazes, Director, Healthcare Transformation Project

Introduction of the President of Cornell University
Harry C. Katz, Dean of ILR School

Opening Remarks
David J. Skorton, M.D. , President, Cornell University

PANEL I: New Technologies for High Quality, Sustainable Health Care Delivery

PANEL II: Re-organizing Our Health Care Delivery Systems: Creating Medical Homes and Integrated Primary Care

  • Integrating Primary Care Into An Integrated Delivery System - The Opportunities And Challenges
    Vanessa Rudin, Primary Care Development Corporation
  • Implementing The Primary Care Medical Home: Transforming The Role Of Medical Assistants
    Karen Nelson, UNITE-HERE Health Center
  • The Role Of Geriatric Care Management In Complex Chronic Care (pdf)
    Eric Rackow and Claudia Fine, SeniorBridge

PANEL III: Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems in Practice I: Fairview Health Services and Skaraborg Hospital Group

Tuesday, May 11 - Session II

PANEL I: Public Policy and Reimbursement Reform for System Integration

PANEL II: High Impact Labor-Management Partnerships and Front-Line Staff Involvement

PANEL III: Leadership, Training, and Education

Tuesday, May 11 - Session III

PANEL I: Job Training and Workforce Issues

PANEL II: Hospitals and Community Partnerships

PANEL III: Patient Safety

Tuesday, May 11 - Roundtable Disscussions

Plenary Session

  • The New Future of Healthcare in America
    Paul Starr, Princeton University

Wednesday, May 12 -

Overview of the Day 
Peter Lazes, Director, Healthcare Transformation Project

Introduction of Keynote Speaker
John August, Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

Keynote Address

  • Jay Crosson, M.D., Kaiser Permanente and Vice Chair, Medicare Payment Advisory Committee

Wednesday, May 12 - Session IV

PANEL I: Front-Line Staff Involvement to Improve Patient Care

PANEL II: The Challenge and Promise of Electronic Medical Records

PANEL III: The Role of Foundations and Various Payers in Health Care Reform and Innovation

Wednesday, May 12 - Session V

PANEL I: Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems in Practice II: Kaiser Permanente and Cleveland Clinic

PANEL II: Health Care Unions Improving Patient Care

PANEL III: Innovating for the Future

Plenary Session