Cornell University

Healthcare Transformation Project

16 East 34th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016 Contact: 212-340-2809

Health Care Conference Speakers

David SkortonWelcome and Opening Remarks
David Skorton, M.D.
Cornell University

Jay CrossonKeynote Speaker
Jay Crosson, M.D.
Kaiser Permanente
Vice Chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

Other Featured Speakers

  • John August (Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions)
  • Christine Bamford (National Health Service, Wales)
  • Amy Edmondson (Harvard)
  • Suzanne Gordon (Author)
  • John Kenagy (Author, Clinical Faculty of the University of Washington)
  • Rob Mechanic (MIT)
  • Steve Spear (MIT)
  • Paul Starr (Princeton)