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Healthcare Conference for Unions II

Mobilizing Front-Line Staff to Improve Patient Care & Build Stronger Unions

Held on:
January 12-13, 2009
Cornell University Conference Center
16 East 34th Street - 6th floor
New York, NY

A second working conference for unions was hosted as a follow-up to the union healthcare conference of 2008. At this second working conference, participants shared the results of recent activities and explored issues related to building capacity and measuring results of union driven healthcare improvement activities. During the conference many ideas were proposed and a consensus for follow up work and areas of further discussion agreed upon.

Objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • To deepen the exchange of ideas and strategies being used to mobilize front-line staff to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care.
  • To examine methods for documenting and measuring results.
  • To examine approaches unions are using to develop the capacity to lead and champion quality improvement work, and
  • To decide on the next phase for this union learning collaborative