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Healthcare Transformation Project

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Description: Collaboration of union and management groups via the Maimonides Medical Center Strategic Alliance has improved productivity and patient care throughout the institution and has helped Maimonides to thrive in the ever-changing health care environment.

Description: Telephone surveys and focus groups were used to assess the views of New York residents and employers on health insurance reform.

Description: This study examines the experience of four leading labor-management participatory projects in the health care industry. By focusing on the structure, processes, and outcomes of the joint efforts, this report attempts to identify practices and structures that have been effective in achieving set goals, and to draw lessons from the shortcomings and the difficulties encountered.

Description: This paper will examine how participatory action research activities have been a key element of an innovative Labor-Management process to improve and sustain patient safety and quality of care in a hospital in New York City. This 9-year worker participation project provides an example of how initial smaller departmental activities expanded into a large system process as a result of intra-organizational exchanges. The outcome of this project has also included significant union building.

Description: This project’s research, sponsored by the Planning and Placement Fund of 1199/League of Voluntary Hospitals in New York City was conducted between 1999 and 2003. The purpose of the research was to determine those factors that influence the efficacy of internal hospital restructuring and the extent to which having an unionized work affected outcomes.