Cornell University

Healthcare Transformation Project

16 East 34th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016 Contact: 212-340-2809


  • National Association of Public Hospitals and Health System Fellows Program  - The NAPH Fellows Program is an interactive learning experience that equips senior executives with strategies and tools to successfully transform their organization.
  • Mobilizing Front-Line Staff to Improve Patient Care: Research Project - This national research project was started in 2007 to identify best practices in to involve front-line staff in departmental and inter-departmental activities to improve patient care.
  • Health Care Forum for Unions - This educational forum was started in 2008 to encourage healthcare unions to play an active role in improving patient care and controlling healthcare costs. Another goal of these activities was to help build stronger local unions.
  • Providing Healthcare Services to Uninsured Residents of New York State - The goal of this project is to inform analysis of health care reform options for New York. Research showed that virtually all New York state residents view health insurance and health care costs as important issues that should be addressed by New York's government leaders. Findings also indicate they are willing to pay higher taxes to reduce the number of uninsured.