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National Association of Public Hospitals and Health System Fellows Program

Program Aim
The 2010 NAPH Fellows Program is an interactive learning experience that will equip senior executives with strategies and tools to successfully transform their organizations to provide more efficient and effective care to vulnerable populations. Visionary safety net leaders are transforming their organizations and partnering with other community providers to develop more integrated delivery systems.  Although the structure of integrated delivery systems may vary from community to community, the goals are to provide patients with high quality, comprehensive services, at the right time, and at the right site-- often when there is an increased demand for services and strained budgets.  

To design integrated delivery systems safety net providers are developing new partnerships, redesigning care processes, focusing on improving the health of the community, more effectively managing the complex needs of chronically ill patients, more efficiently using information technology, and better managing the continuum of care. The 2010 Fellows Program will serve as a critical opportunity to share and spread information about challenges and opportunities to implementing and sustaining integrated delivery systems.

Participants in the 2010 Fellows Program will exchange ideas, strategies and best practices about developing and sustaining integrated delivery systems for improving care for vulnerable populations. Sessions will focus on:

  • Leadership & change management skills to accomplish system integration
  • Public and private sector integrated delivery system models that work: governance, operational and clinical work processes; developing networks; increasing population based care and coordinating needed wraparound services, etc.
  • How to manage financial risk and operate with new financial incentives
  • How to identify and tackle barriers to developing integrated delivery systems
  • Examining how to build on current improvement approaches to create integrated delivery systems

Program features include:

  • Three in person learning sessions (June 2010; November 2010; March 2011) with faculty from Kaiser Permanente, Cornell University, other leading public and private integrated delivery systems and NAPH clinical and administrative leaders.
  • The program will develop resources to help guide other NAPH member hospitals in developing integrated delivery systems.
  • Ongoing distance learning program: Intensive curriculum of web lectures, discussions, and online resources.
  • Program encourages networking and teambuilding.  Activities are planned throughout the program year to foster collaboration among participants and to build continued ties at the conclusion of the program. 
  • Important program features include:
  • Highly interactive with emphasis on peer learning
  • Self assessment tool to measure organizational readiness for integrated delivery systems
  • Playbook of case studies
  • Web learning center
  • Technical assistance conference calls and e-learning opportunities between sessions
  • Networking and participation at NAPH conferences 

Cornell faculty member Peter Lazes is working with NAPH to conduct this year's Fellows Program. For more information, please contact