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Lead Workers

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A lead worker is trained to perform abatements.

This workshop is a 2-day class for persons performing abatement of lead-based paint. This class is specifically designed for lead hazard control activities in residential single-family and multiple-family dwellings which include elevated blood level (EBL) health department ordered projects, USHUD grant programs, public and Indian housing and military abatement projects.

In the hands-on exercises, participants will have demonstrated and practice establishment of a containment area and multi-stage decontamination areas. Participants will don appropriate personal protective equipment including respiratory protection and disposable coveralls with hood, gloves, and boots.  Performance will be corrected and discussed.

A mock abatement will be conducted in a residential or near-residential setting (or where necessary in a mock up) where participants working in small groups will prepare for abatement by covering floors with 6 mil plastic covering ducts and penetrations, and constructing "I" or "Z" doors. Abatement and clean up methods will be discussed in a plenary with instructors.  Instructors will critique student skills and mock reports and encourage mutual criticism and skills building in the exercises. Mutual criticism, discussion, and instructor feedback will be used to assess skills.

Advance Your Career with Training to
Become an EPA Certified Lead Abatement Worker

November 28 & 29, 2011

Two-Day Training Program | 8am – 5pm

Cornell Cooperative Extension
249 Highland Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

Who Should Attend
Individuals engaged in construction, demolition, and renovation who plan on working in environments where lead may be present.

Scott Balfour, Adjunct – Cornell University ILR
Master Lead Inspector with over 20 years’ experience in risk assessment and lead abatement

What You Will Learn

  • Health Effects: How Lead Affects the Body
  • Laws, Regulations, Standards
  • Abatement Methods and Lead Hazard Control
  • Clean-up, Disposal and Post-Abatement Clearance Testing
  • Set-Up of Containment and Multi-Stage Decontamination Areas
  • Soil Abatement and Exterior Dust Clean-Up
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hands-On-Skills Assessment
  • Reporting Procedures

One —Time Only Training Fee
$199 per person (licensing fee not included)

Please pass to interested party and/or post On-site programs are available. Contact 716.852-1444 x 109 for more information.