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Cornell ILR Executive Briefings
Fall/Winter Series – "Pioneering Innovation"

Cornell ILR Executive Briefings are interactive sessions with thought leaders from Cornell University, human resource executives and business leaders, designed to stimulate new thinking about human capital development and its critical role in fostering innovation and driving business results. The series is presented by Cornell ILR's Human Capital Development group, which offers educational programs that support professional development and build organizational capability.

"Pioneering Innovation" is the theme of the fall/winter series, which takes place at the Cornell Club, New York City. The program includes full breakfast and peer networking from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.


Register for Pioneering Innovation in Compensation
Date: November 4, 2010
Price: $195.00

Is it possible to be radically innovative without radically redesigning incentives? What kinds of "pioneering" or innovative pay systems can help (or hurt) in the quest for business breakthroughs? In this conversation-based briefing, we’ll discuss companies that have taken or are considering pioneering leaps in their compensation structures to pursue new business objectives and strategies, and what problems can result when organizations fail to understand how employees value different forms of compensation.

Presenter: Kevin Hallock, Director of Cornell ILR's new Institute for Compensation Studies, Chairman of Cornell ILR's Labor Economics Department and Professor of Human Resource Studies

HR's Role in Innovation and Growth
Date to be announced
Price: $195.00

The more companies focus on innovation and new business development, the greater the need for an environment and culture that supports knowledge sharing, risk taking, and exploration of new ideas. The HR community needs to address issues around organizational structures, the optimal mix of background and experience among employees on innovation or launch teams, social climates and social networks, effective technology, talent management and employee engagement. In this interactive session, we will talk about the role of talent, organizational culture, and internal and external resources in driving and supporting innovation and organic growth.

Presenter: Christopher Collins, Director of Cornell ILR’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) and Professor of Human Resource Management

Leading Change: Engaging Others to Get the Results You Want
Date to be announced
Price: $195.00

Good ideas about change are plentiful, yet successful executions are scarce as even the best ideas will fail if the leader cannot effectively engage key stakeholders in the effort. This interactive session offers executives a new way to think about leading change and will show how to use the core principles of campaigns to overcome resistance, leverage positive elements already at work in an organization and build coalitions that create a dynamic organizational "pull" toward the new idea.

Presenters: Mal O’Connor and Barry Dornfeld of the Center For Applied Research (CFAR), a consulting firm specializing in strategy and organizational development

For further information, contact Janet Rizzuto, Director of Cornell ILR Human Resource Programs at (212) 340-2863 or