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Certificate Programs

Cornell ILR offers the most comprehensive array of certificates available to professionals in the workplace. Choose from a variety of certificate programs of study, each delivering a comprehensive series of workshops carefully selected to provide you with in-depth expertise in your chosen field. Select from one of the Certificate Programs below:

Workshops and Units Needed

Most certificates require at least 60 units. See each certificate's detail page for specific requirements.

  • one-day workshop = 6 units
  • two-day workshop = 12 units
  • three-day workshop = 18 units

Length of Time to Complete a Certificate

All required workshops for each certificate must be completed within 18 months.

While it is not necessary to officially enroll in a certificate program, if you participate in a Cornell workshop and intend to apply it toward earning a certificate, then please do let us know.

Applying a Workshop to More Than One Certificate

In general, a workshop's units may be applied toward only one certificate. Exceptions are noted in each certificate's description.

The Certificate Award

When you complete the final workshop in your chosen curriculum, you will be awarded a framed Cornell ILR certificate that attests to your achievement.