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Developing Effective Communication Skills MD322


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Would you like to convey your thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively so that they can be heard and understood by others? This course will increase your awareness of communication behaviors and build your confidence and ability in managing workplace communications. You will learn skills for communicating powerfully, sending clear messages, and conducting challenging conversations while maintaining effective working relationships with supervisors and coworkers. The focus is on how to:

  • Assess the effects of your communication behaviors on others
  • Accurately listen to, assess, and react to what you hear
  • Select a style of responding to achieve your communication goals
  • Sustain positive rapport during difficult discussions
  • Identify the impact of emotions on communication

Key Topics

  • Personality type and its influence on communication
  • The power of perception and perspective taking
  • Strategies for building listening effectiveness
  • Communication competencies
  • The role of empathy in communication
  • Rapport and how to build it
  • Managing nonverbal messages
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Communication skills for emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Styles of responding and active listening
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Sending effective messages
  • Holding difficult conversations

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, and individual contributors seeking to improve their communication effectiveness; anyone who wants to acquire powerful rapport and communication skills


Nancy Lampen, Director of International Programs, Cornell University ILR, specializing in teaching communications and train the trainer program. Her expertise is in the design and teaching of programs in the areas of: interpersonal communication skills, crisis communication, presentation skills, listening, assertiveness, group dynamics, meeting skills, and train the trainer courses. She has over 25 years' experience in program design and teaching adults.