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Coaching for Managers MD302


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In your life someone may have pushed you to a higher level by strategically raising the bar, or noticed your blunders and guided you to learn from your mistakes giving you confidence even when you didn't have it. You exceeded, even when you may not have expected to. Imagine how coaching skills like this could impact the productivity of a group of employees. Knowing how to be a good coach in different situations is an art. This workshop gives you the tools, skills, and practice to be an effective coach. You will learn:

  • How you perform as a coach right now, what you already do well, and what you can improve
  • How you can spot the potential and next steps for each employee
  • The range of skills needed to coach effectively
  • The kinds of situations and people that dictate your selection of coaching skills

Key Topics

  • Your coaching style and how it impacts your communications
  • Powerful questions guaranteed to get a person thinking, learning, and growing
  • How "popcorn" feedback can prevent difficult employee conversations
  • Ways to say what you need to say without hurting feelings
  • The motivating combination of goals and feedback
  • Learning to listen before you speak in difficult conversations
  • A coaching method that builds relationships, trust, and performance
  • Coaching that is appropriate for employees and peers - and even bosses
  • Peer coaching and its strength and power
  • Coaching and its tie to leadership

Who Will Benefit

Managers and leaders who want to help their employees, peers, and bosses excel with support and encouragement; anyone who enjoys watching people grow, change, and develop


Gene L. Moncrief, Managing Director, Moncrief & Associates, has been involved in executive development for more than twenty years in the capacity of coach, consultant, and workshop leader. Moncrief & Associates specializing in interpersonal relations consulting and training. Ms. Moncrief focuses on communication skills, team development and maintenance, assertiveness training, and executive coaching. Formerly, she held a senior position with American Express and was director of corporate programs for Pace University.