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Time Management Techniques for Your Thinking Style MD245

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This program currently has no scheduled dates. Find out more about how this program can be offered in-house at your organization.

Managing time effectively is an essential skill for today’s professionals. It seems as if Time is shrinking: organizational change initiatives, an increasingly competitive market, technology overload, reduced staffing situations and a greater emphasis on faultless performance, and more! As the workplace changes as a result of current events, we are all finding ourselves required to accomplish more in less time, with limited, reduced or no resources.

The challenge: The work you do may not always align with your brain's natural thinking preferences, thereby requiring more effort on your part. This increased effort reduces your productivity, tires you out quickly, and takes more time than necessary to accomplish your tasks and projects.

The solution: There are 4 Time Types, or approaches to handling time, that contribute to how you manage tasks and activities. Each type has its own unique blend of attributes and characteristics. By identifying and understanding your personal Time Type, you can identify what approach to Time Management works best for you.

Applying this knowledge to your to your work will increase both your productivity an satisfaction on the job – a win/win for both you and your organization!

This one-day workshop will enable you to:

  • Determine your Time Type
  • Understand how you accomplish your work
  • Develop strategies to maximize your Time Type
  • Apply Time Type strategies to daily tasks and activities