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Supervising and Managing People MD101

Not currently offered

This program currently has no scheduled dates. Find out more about how this program can be offered in-house at your organization.

Have you received the training needed to be the best supervisor you can be? Do you feel like a vital member of your management team? First-line supervisors are often the first to be blamed when objectives are not met, but the last to be given the supervisory skills and management tools needed for solving problems, getting the most out of employees, and achieving objectives.

Proven, straightforward, and powerful, this workshop takes the complexity and confusion out of how to supervise your people more effectively. The skills taught in this workshop are based on an in-depth analysis of what hundreds of supervisors and their managers need most to be top performers. Learn the day-to-day skills of supervisory success, and return to your job with techniques you can use immediately.

Key Topics

  • Your role as a successful manager
  • Understanding what your company (and your people) expect from you
  • Four uncommon - but critical - hats you have to wear
  • The importance of balancing people skills with technical skills
  • Powerful techniques for motivating people
  • Using a situational approach to influence staff positively
  • Keys to improving communication effectiveness
  • Coaching for peak performance
  • How to be a more effective leader
  • Dealing with employee problems and problem employees
  • How to mediate disputes between employees
  • The do's and don'ts of counseling employees
  • Managing for personal effectiveness
  • Developing a personal plan for success

Who Will Benefit

Managers or supervisors with limited training/experience in supervising people; each participant should have, or should soon expect to have, direct supervisory responsibility