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Collaborative Labor-Management Strategies LR306

Not currently offered

This program currently has no scheduled dates. Find out more about how this program can be offered in-house at your organization.

Union-management partnerships can be an important and effective vehicle for designing and implementing improvements in the workplace and for building relationships with the union. This workshop will help you to assess the potential benefits of labor-management collaboration to your own organization and will provide you with a set of practical tools and processes that you can apply in your work environment. You will also learn:

  • Initiate or improve partnership efforts
  • Fit labor-management relationships into organizational change and survival
  • Make bargaining more effective

Key Topics

  • The basics
    • Why partner?
    • How the labor-management relationship fits into organizational change and survival
    • What do basic labor-management partnership activities look like?
  • Partnership possibilities
    • Vehicle/equipment purchases
    • Work redesign
    • Supplier-customer relationships
    • Health and safety committees
    • Training and apprenticeship programs
    • School-to-work programs
    • Labor relations systems
  • Getting started
    • Laying the foundation for an effective labor-management relationship
    • Planning for the future
    • Designing appropriate strategies for labor-management collaboration
  • Improving labor-management effectiveness
    • What makes partnerships work?
    • Why do partnerships fail?
    • Assessing your own efforts

Who Will Benefit

Labor relations, human resource, and operations professionals who interact with the union on a regular basis

Open enrollment workshops can be taken individually or as part of a certificate in Contract Administration Studies or Collective Bargaining Studies. They are also available as Labor Relations Customized Programs for your organization.