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Fundamentals of Compensation HR222

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Understanding and effectively integrating the fundamental elements of compensation management and salary administration is critical to the development of sound compensation plans that support and reinforce organizational objectives. The technical skills and practical knowledge explored in this workshop will enable you to respond more knowledgeably and creatively to the needs of your clients. You will also gain an appreciation of how subtle differences in compensation impact human resources systems, which in turn impact the organization as a whole. In this program, you will explore:

  • The practice and theory of compensation management
  • An approach for providing day-to-day compensation management consistent with business objectives
  • How to tailor a compensation program to support the organization's strategic goals and objectives
  • Collection and integration of market data to develop and support a competitive salary program

Key Topics

  • The meaning of "total compensation" in the context of the organization's strategic goals
  • The evolving impact of compensation on an organization's human resources programs and policies
  • Selecting and implementing compensation programs and guidelines
  • Constructing salary structures: ranges, wage rates, and incentives
  • Linking pay to performance: merit guidelines and performance management
  • Market pricing: how to read, understand, and customize survey data to meet your organization's needs
  • Scanning the legal environment and complying with federal and state laws and regulations

Who Will Benefit

HR professionals and generalists who seek to broaden their understanding of compensation; compensation practitioners, new to the profession, who wish to maximize the strategic impact they can have on their organizations' compensation-related programs