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Ethical Considerations for HR Professionals HR206

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Cover-ups and money laundering, insider trading and outright theft, corrupt practices, and conflicts of interest in the private sector. Misappropriation of public funds, lavish and unauthorized spending, conflicts of interest, and illegal practices in the public sector. Oftentimes, HR professionals are caught squarely in the middle, needing to maintain their organizations' ethical standards while achieving business goals.

Key Topics

  • Examining Individual vs. business ethics
  • Recognizing corporate compliance and legal issues
  • Addressing the culture-value gap
  • Understanding the complexity of creating ethical standards within global organizations
  • Building organizational responsibility (social, community, and environmental concerns)
  • Ethics in action (what would you do if?)
  • Key questions to determine if your decisions are ethical
  • Tips for designing effective ethics initiatives

Who Will Benefit

All HR professionals