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Training Difficult Issues in Diversity and Inclusion DV330


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While diversity trainers do a good job training the "softer issues" in diversity, there are still some issues that many find more difficult to train. This workshop is designed to provide trainers with a step-by-step curriculum for delivering training and education on the tougher issues, including racism, privilege, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and oppression.

You will enhance your skill in developing and delivering diversity training by exploring:

  • Methods for identifying and planning how to present the most difficult issues
  • Training techniques, models, and ideas that get diversity messages across
  • Delivery skills critical for successful diversity training and information dissemination

Key Topics

  • Why certain issues are so difficult
  • Why trainers avoid these issues
  • Cultivating allies
  • Addressing institutional racism
  • Collusion: what is it, how to avoid it, how to address it
  • Privilege: recognizing it and helping others recognize it through training
  • Religion: helping people recognize religious bias
  • Sexual orientation: helping people understand heterosexism and its potential negative impact on working relationships
  • Gender identity: the issues, the approach, the workplace
  • Oppression: what is it, how does it affect the workplace
  • Addressing backlash
  • Introspection: assessing your own comfort with these issues
  • Confronting the issues, respecting the people
  • Legal issues

Special Features

Delivery and critique delivery of a training module; training demonstrations, application sessions, and critique; a step-by-step curriculum

Who Will Benefit

HR, EEO/AA, diversity managers, consultants, and those with responsibility for training; anyone in an organization who wants to learn the correct way of addressing these issues


David Ciliberto, Founder, David Ciliberto Enterprises, is an independent human resources consultant with over 20 years of experience in human resources. Mr. Ciliberto focuses on diversity and inclusion, learning and development, management coaching and career transition. He has held roles at financial services firms including UBS, Credit Suisse, HSBC, The Prudential and American Express. Additionally, Mr. Ciliberto has consulted with and has done speaking engagements for ION Media, The Howard Center, VT., CUNY, Montclair State University and Jennifer Brown Consulting. In addition to his Adjunct Instructor role at Cornell ILR, he works part time at Partners International as the SVP of Client Services and Career Transition.