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Applying Div Mgmt to Innovation, Decision Making, Complex Problem Solving and Business Results DV312

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Examples of the power of diversity are around us all the time. They make a compelling case for using diversity management to get better results, solve problems, make better decisions, and create innovative services. Yet, we often miss these compelling signs. Why? We don’t know what to look for.

The field of diversity has been so consumed with basic diversity issues (representation, image, recruiting, retention) that many people have overlooked the power of "true diversity" to create value and results. This course provides a glimpse into the possibilities of diversity management when it is approached as a strategy and viewed through the lens of "capacity to create value." It explores:

  • Why "management" is essential to getting value from diversity
  • How to determine "true diversity" based on perspectives, heuristics, interpretations, and predictive models
  • How to use diversity as a trigger for innovation
  • Examples of how diversity produces performance, productivity, creativity, quality decisions, and commercial value

Key Topics

  • The everyday possibilities of diversity management
  • Knowing what to look for
  • The ugly side of diversity without management
  • Review of "We Don't Know What We Think"
  • Review of The Difference, and other book excerpts
  • Managing diversity at the individual, group, interpersonal, and organizational levels
  • Overview of a diversity management strategy
  • The power of Conversations That Count™
  • What every manager, leader, and employee needs to know

Special Features

Extensive case study and application; class customized through pre-work to the needs of each group; video testimonials from prominent diversity practitioners

Who Will Benefit

Anyone with responsibility for executing effective diversity principles in the workplace


James O. Rodgers